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Do you like to have a fabulous vacation in the “Cilento and Vallo di Diano National Park”, between the mythology such as the mermaid Leucosia, Mediterranean food tastes and the original Italian worm hospitality? Yes?
So, you must come to visit us to the “Poesia Cilentana Bed & Breakfast”.
Poesia Cilentana Bed & Breakfast is located in a small village called Cosentini, 5 Km far from the gorgeous Mediterranean Sea.
In the village you can find lot of facilities, such as restaurant, bar lounge and a well-supplied drugstore. All the facilities are very close to the mentioned bed and breakfast.
The B&B is a new facility built on 2008. It’ s provided of 4 very comfortable staterooms. Each room is provided of personal restroom, air condition (hot & cold), TV and mini-bar, Wi Fi free.
Guests have access to everthing you need for your living room, kitchenette and washing machine.
The building offer a fabulous view that can leave you stupefied. The sight run between the wonderful Capri Island, discoverable on the seascape horizon, and the volcano of Stromboli and behind it, you can find also, the fantastic back-ground given by the big mountain called “Monte Stella”, the one that we recommend to visit during your stay, because you can find all the small villages rise around this mountain and where you could have lot of good food and wine tastes, completely surrounded by the green of the nature.
In this place you can find also the wonderful archaeological sites of Velia (the Greek name was Elea) and the fantastic Roman Temples of Paestum, the thusands middle-age villages that we suggest to visit these as much as possible. You must try the typical food and the main resources of this land: The Olive Oil and the Wine. You must have a taste of those at least once in your life. If you like it, don’ t lose the chance.

The B&B is open all the year.


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