The B&B is provided of  a very comfortable style in order to give the best relax for your stay.
The accommodations have been furnished with refinement and these have been provided with restroom, air condition, TV, showers, mini-bar, Wi Fi free, kitchenette and washing machine.

The B&B is provided of four rooms each one is called with the four season names.

    • Double Room “Spring Time”:  
      The room is painted green and it ‘s provided of double bed, TV and personal restrooms.
    • Double Room “Summer Time":
      The room is painted yellow and orange and it’ s provided of  double bed, TV, personal restroom and balcony..
    • Double Room “Fall Time”:
      The room is painted orange and it’ s provided of  single beds, TV, personal restroom and balcony.
    • Double Room “Winter"
      The room is painted blue and it’ s provided of  single beds, TV and personal restroom.



Affittacamere Poesia Cilentana
Via Croce, Cosentini - 84060 Montecorice (SA)
cell. 3291115198 - 3339107255 e-mail


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